When you take the decision to become a homeowner at Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Residences, apart from getting a condo, you also get access to the numerous excellent amenities and services.

Oceanfront swimming pool: The crystal-clear waters of our swimming pool blend seamlessly with the endless blue horizon and Mount Isabel de Torres views.

Private beach: Our residents can enjoy direct access to a private beach with comfortable beach chairs and soak up the sun or practice different water sports.

Kid’s playground:  Our vibrant and colorful playground is a perfect place for kids to let loose, play, and explore while the parents can relax chatting, playing pool or BBQing.

BBQ: Designed with the modern grill enthusiast in mind, our BBQ is a haven for sizzling delights and social gatherings.

Pool: Cue sports fans can unleash their competitive spirit and enhance their leisurely pursuits at our professionally designed pool table.

Parking: Our residents can say goodbye to parking stress with our secure and well-maintained parking facility right at their doorstep.

Bike racks: We actively support sport enthusiasts, that’s why all cycling fans will find convenient racks in a shadowed area where they can safely keep their bikes and equipment.

Common area Wi-Fi: Staying connected all the time has become one of the prime necessities in our modern world so we guarantee our residents Wi-Fi access even outside of the apartments.

Enhanced security: With a dedicated team of trained professionals and modern technical equipment, we provide round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring a secure and tranquil living environment.

On-site management: Our committed team is readily available to efficiently address inquiries, maintenance requests, and other issues that may arise.