Live and Invest Overseas, one of the world’s most trusted and most experienced sources for information on international living, considered the Dominican Republic one of the 10 best places in the world to buy real estate.

The Huffington Post previously named the Dominican Republic “One of the 5 World’s Best Places to Buy a Second Home in the Sun”. The recognition was joined by Forbes which listed the country’s beaches among “the Best in the Caribbean”.

Millions of tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic every year and falling in love with its amazing nature and culture just prove that the country fully deserves all its merits and rewards. So you may wonder what it is that makes this country so special and why you should consider it as a potential investment destination for your real estate purchase.

There are actually a number of reasons:

Low cost of living

Real estate and health care are 1/3rd the cost compared to other Caribbean areas or major cities in the world. Transportation, home services like cleaning and cooking all cost less than in Europe or North America. Besides, in the land of endless summer you will not have to buy different clothes for every season. Warm winters require less energy consumption.

Social life

As there are so many visitors from different countries, you will most certainly make lifelong friends and enjoy experiencing new cultures. Moreover, numerous cultural events are available to any taste and preference including carnivals, art and dance classes, theater or concerts, restaurants or bars, casinos and parties all night long. Besides, Dominicans are the friendliest and most open people you would ever meet.

Amazing climate and nature

The Caribbean climate doesn’t need comments and praise. Its endless summers, continuous breezes and balmy tropical weather are the major reasons why many expats find the Dominican Republic so attractive. Besides, you will find here some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Apart from the numerous stunning beaches, the country has breathtaking mountains among which the Pico Duarte. It’s the highest peak of the Caribbean region and a place where you can experience below zero temperatures in winter. Isn’t it amazing to have this fascinating diversity within one small country?

Healthy life

The Dominican Republic can also offer stress-free life with clean air and chemical-free food. Fresh and good quality meat, fish, fruit and vegetables that cost an arm and a leg in your home country can be bought here for an attractive price. This also makes the country an ideal retirement destination. Not to forget, the healthcare is way cheaper than in other major cities in the world. The medical industry has been growing rapidly in the recent years. The country receives around 40,000 international patients annually which make it one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world. Full medical insurance plans are available for as little as 200 USD per month.

Sports and attractions

Living in the Dominican Republic never gets boring thanks to a vast choice of attractions and sports activities. You can try water sports like surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Or you can give your preference to activities practiced on the ground. Those include horseback riding, 4 wheeling, mountain climbing and cycling. Moreover, places like Monkey Jungle, Ocean World and Puerto Plata Cable Car will add more options to your must-visit list.

Safety and security

Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Residences ensure a fully effective onsite security that guarantees safety to all residents. Moreover, the local authorities care about the tourist’s safety. There is specialized tourist police (CESTUR) whose job is to protect travelers and address any safety issue they may face during their stay. Some international studies have actually shown that many areas in the Caribbean, US and Europe have crime statistics that exceed the Dominican records. Anyway, there are certain common sense recommendations to follow such as, for example, not leaving valuables unattended.

Besides, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic where Hispaniola Beach Oceanfront Residences is situated can be considered a hurricane resistant region. The Mona passage, reef coastline and the mountains in the center of the island have helped to keep the worst hurricanes of the last seasons far enough from the North region.


The Dominican Republic is connected with the rest of the world through a large network of direct convenient regular and charter flights. You can easily travel to the island from any corner of the world. The country’s largest Punta Cana airport is the second busiest airport in the Caribbean region after the San Juan airport in Puerto Rico. The North Coast of the Dominican Republic has been rapidly developing in the recent years. As a result, the number of flights to the International Puerto Plata airport has been constantly growing too. Now they connect the region with large cities such as New York, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Cologne, Warsaw, Brussels and others through direct flights.   

Moreover, the diplomatic relations with China promise new flights that would connect the Caribbean nation with the whole Asian region.

Business and pleasure mix

Many choose to relocate to the Dominican Republic because it offers a comfortable lifestyle in the sun combined with the comforts of a modern life. You can manage your business remotely and stay available all the time with a good speed Internet, smartphone and Skype. The local banks offer easy internet banking and international transactions with low commissions. PayPal is also available so you can easily withdraw your money. Cheques issued by non-Dominican banks can be cashed in local credit organizations without any problems.

Tax exemptions

Government Incentives include tax exemption for 15 years for new projects and special free zones that offer all types of financial and support services to entities located outside the Dominican Republic without taxes for a 30-year period. Tax exemptions for imports, real estate, tax dividends and interest as well as 50% reduction on property and capital gains taxes are all real things in the Dominican Republic. Registration of foreign investments is optional. Besides, no government approval is required for the repatriation of profits.

These are the main reasons why the Dominican Republic is the number one destination in the Caribbean. Would you like to become part of this amazing country and invest in it before the boom will come? Contact us now.