Living in Sosua, Dominican Republic can be a great experience for anyone. A wide variety of sport and cultural activities, sunshine, turquoise waters, and friendly locals will keep entertained a person of any age.

Golf, for example, is a very popular sport. The closest to Hispaniola Beach, Playa Dorada complex is famous for its professional 18 holes-par 72 golf course extending some 6.990 yards. More than 100 world famous golf players come every year to participate in Puerto Plata DR Open professional golf tournament currently hosted by PGA Tour Latinoamerica.

As for water sports, the available options are only limited by one’s imagination. The North Coast boasts its ideal weather conditions for practicing kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. Young athletes from Cabarete often star at international professional tournaments. Moreover, scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing will open for you the beautiful marine world of the Dominican coasts. You can get lucky and even see huge whales and cheerful dolphins which often visit the Sosua waters.

While on the ground, you can also choose an activity to your taste and preference. There are nearby hills, called ‘lomas’ in Spanish, for exciting cycling, mountain biking, horseback riding and buggy adventures. Besides, ziplines and paragliding will offer you unforgettable memories and incredible panoramic views over the amazing Dominican landscapes.

Of course, our overview of activities will be incomplete, if we don’t mention the most popular Dominican sports. Baseball is a sacred sport for Dominicans and all kids dream about becoming a famous baseball athlete. The dreams of Juan Marichal, Robinson Canó, Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero and many others have actually come a reality. Besides, basketball and tennis are also among the popular Dominican kinds of sports. Soccer has recently started to gain popularity too.

Finally, those who look to give back to the community, may join one of the many local non-profit organizations or initiatives. Helping other people does not necessarily mean donating money. You can share your knowledge, for example, or even attention and care.