At Hispaniola Beach we are currently working with new homeowners with a customized approach. Our building strategy includes options to customize your new home before and while in construction. This practice gives you complete freedom to choose the interior style starting from doorknobs to kitchen appliances.  You can choose them by yourself or with the help of our expert in-house architect. Your custom apartments will reflect your own likes and interests within our exclusive and stylish design exterior arrangements.

When you purchase a pre-construction or under construction residence at Hispaniola Beach, you could design and create a living space perfect for yourself.Our customized apartment offers a space to design a comfy ambiance of your preference. You could choose colors, materials, textures as well as appliances and energy sources that are affordable and necessary for you. Together we can create a modern and stylish space with modern technologies and the latest concepts of interior design.

Our in-house architect will understand your style, needs, while still staying true to our high-performance standards. While offering continuous feedback, one point of accountability and regular communication, our architect is giving you real-time feedback of the home while it’s being customized.  All around, having an in-house architect ensures your custom designed process to runs smoothly and successfully until the end.

We work together to determine the little details that will have a big impact on your everyday life once you move in. Designing your own home is always a pleasure for your mind and soul. Let every corner of your home at Hispaniola Beach celebrate your choices.