The Province of Puerto Plata continues to conquer new markets and to grow as a tourist destination. Some exciting news was announced at the Tourism Fair ANATO 2024 (Vitrina Turistica ANATO) last week in the Colombian capital.

The Dominican airline company Arajet will operate a direct flight between Bogota and Puerto Plata from June to December 2024. It will be a truly historical moment because Puerto Plata has never received direct flights from Colombia before. Besides, it’s important to note that Colombian guests are currently the third most frequent travelers to the Dominican Republic, only outnumbered by the US and Canadian citizens. That means that thousands of Colombians will now have the chance to discover the wonders of our region, including our small charming town of Sosua.

Furthermore, this new direct flight has a major importance because it will connect Puerto Plata to the whole Latin America continent. While Bogota is a huge international travel hub, thousands of travelers from other countries will now have an easier way to arrive at our beautiful DR North Coast. Gone are the days of multiple layovers and lengthy travel times – this new route promises a seamless and efficient journey for travelers eager to explore the charms of our destination.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Colombian low-cost carrier Wingo is also considering the POP-Bogota route to add their direct flights too. Obviously businesses in the hospitality, tourism, and service sectors will stand to benefit from increased visitor numbers and spending. Additionally, the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources between the Dominican Republic and Colombia has the power to spark innovation and collaboration across various industries, further fueling economic development and prosperity.

To conclude, it’s difficult to overrate the importance of this direct flight introduction for the Puerto Plata Province economy and especially real estate. So if you have ever considered buying a property in Sosua, the golden moment is now. By investing in real estate in Sosua now, you will get significant capital gains within a few years while enjoying a high yearly ROI thanks to the rental income generated by increased tourism activities. Contact us today to learn about our exclusive oceanfront pre-construction and resale deals with financing available.

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